“Killer B” headphones are the result of one treasure hunter wanting to provide other treasure hunters with a high quality product……... at a reasonable price.

We did not reinvent the wheel and we are not trying to sell some new “gadget”.

All we have done is “blended” a very high quality set of industrial earmuffs, sensitive elements, wire and electronic components into a great set of phones. No magic, no hype.

Our components were selected based on quality and durability. The number one question asked by serious hunters is: Will the coiled cord hold up to “hard hunting”, “relic hunting” and use in brush…………The answer is Yes! There may be failures (as with any component or brand), but we feel our cords and cross wires are the best on the market.

Killer B's will deliver a crisp audio response with volume to spare.

We now offer the Killer B's with several options.
* "Killer B" Standard single volume
* "Killer B II" Dual volume controls All the feathues of Killer B's with dual volume controls.

* "Wasp" All the features of the Killer B II plus locking toggles and a Limiter circuits
... (these work best on detectors that have a “built in” volume control )
* "Stinger" Single earcup. For urban hunting or in areas where
....hearing a snake or another approaching varmint is necessary!
* "Hornet" The Hornet has all the great features as the "Wasp" but built extra tough for the
...demanding hunter. They say that a Hornet packs a pretty tough punch !
* Killer B "ST" Are designed specificly for the treasure hunter wanting true stereo in there headphones
* Need a custom set of phones ? Call today for quotes.

Compare the Killer B's to ANY other brand, you will find our product quality and performance equal or better !
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